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Welcome to my wandering journal. I am a woman who likes to see the wonders of the world, both large and small.

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Where is Starr?

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I am currently in Chiang Mai Thailand. I’ve spent the last three months studying to become an ESL teacher, looking for a job and touring Thailand and Laos. I have decided to spend... READ MORE

TEFL in Thailand

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Several years ago as I was laying out my master plan, I read several travel blog posts about the advantages of teaching English in a foreign country. Actually, if I go way back,... READ MORE

Dental Tourism in Chennai India

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I needed some dental work, some expensive dental work. In the US, the price estimate was over $20K. After considerable research and personal recommendations, I chose to approach Dr. Balaji in Chennai for... READ MORE

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

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Last December, I decided to check out Costa Rica. I had read several good things about retiring in Costa Rica. It is a country highly rated for it’s ecological┬ábeauty and diversity of species.... READ MORE